Wednesday, November 4, 2009


First let me say - I have the best bestest ever. I got a nice card in the mail congratulating me on getting in my smaller jeans.

It is hung up for inspiration to get into smaller jeans.

hehe and she is right above it.
Love her

So today was a rough day - I slept horribly last night - I saw every hour on my clock. So I woke up tired and wanting to cry. Then I forgot my lunch, which meant I forgot my water packets too. I really should like the taste of just water- but I only like it from our brita (or a brita) and they don't have one. So I had to meet her to get the girls their swine flu shots- but the line was around the building and she had to get to work and didn't want them waiting outside. No biggie, but the girls slept in the car - so they didn't nap at home. Sigh. I had 1 nalgene to get me through. I didn't have lunch - and I didn't have the energy to lug 2 car seats into subway. So I got a grilled chicken sandwich from BK. :( no fries or soda though. Not having my little packets meant I didn't have any caffeine, so I got a headache. I mentioned this to Meredith and she made me split a diet coke with her. :( I didn't want it, because I haven't had a soda in over a week. But I made good choices with the crap day I had.

1- Grilled chicken at BK - no fries

2- no alcohol

3- no food after 9 - though matt is torturing me right now eating Wendy's - it smell sooo good.

4- I did JM and some other ab exercises. Aubrey gave me a good idea to try next JM day. I am going to use my weights for some of the cardio for added workout

5- 1/2 a diet coke :(

6- 4 nalgenes ( yup I made up for no water during the day when I got home)

7- last night I got crap for sleep. I am going to sleep in 10 mins- and so I will get about 7ish.

Running tomorrow - I will not be a brat about it.

I am excited for Sat weigh in - not excited for Sunday pictures. HA

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