Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A day of EPIC FAIL.

OK - so not everything was a fail, but a lot was.

I went to work later than normal - and it was raining  - by about 11 I had a slight headache, so I took some Excedrin migraine and went about my day.

I also had to work later than normal - and by the end of the day I was in tears. I had a full-blown migraine, and the girls were screaming because it is their crabby time of day (thank goodness I don't have to go through it everyday!)

I wasn't even sure I could drive home, but I made it and curled up on the couch and haven't moved.

I haven't had a migraine since I started working out -so when this hit all I wanted was a soda, and a big one at that.

I couldn't move from the couch so I put Matt in charge of dinner- he cooked Wendy's, and I ate it. And it was so good. But now I feel like crap. :( I SUCK

So the rules... poop

1- I ate Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich, some fries and a Large dr. pepper.

2-no alcohol

3- no eating after 9 - mostly because I haven't gotten the strength to get up, I am sure if I went into the kitchen I would sabotage myself there too

4- JM - NOPE. I can't move. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow I will run and do Jillian...maybe, or I will just call this day a loss and move on

5- no soda - NOPE... BIG soda, and not diet. POOOP

6- 3 nalgenes... NOPE 2.5 and I am getting ready to go to bed so I am not drinking the rest of it or I will be up 5 times to pee

7- SUCCESS!!! I slept 8.5 hours last night and it was the best ever. I am on track for some good sleep tonight, if I can fall asleep and stay asleep.


Lets hope this migraine was hormonal or something and not a result of the rain that we got today because it isn't going anywhere for the next few days and I can't handle this again. I promise to not suck so much tomorrow. Even if I have a headache I will not completely throw it all away and sabotage myself.

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