Saturday, November 14, 2009


Shew - I am not going to lie - I didn't get out of bed until almost noon.  I also was up until 2:30ish. We went out for a friend's birthday and the boys can't seem to understand why 4 shots in 1 hour or so would be a bad idea. I mean come on- we aren't in college anymore. :-D I got the better end of the deal though. Sorry Jill! I love you!

I didn't drink last night, which wasn't hard - but saying no to the yummy looking cheese fries at 11:30 pm was. I had 1 fry with no cheese on it. The biggest success of the night was saying no to the Krispe Kreme that sits right next to the metro. Typically when we go out in Dupont we pick up a box of donuts and eat them on the LOOONNNGGGG escalator ride down. This time only 1 donut was purchased (not for me) and I had my last 20 oz of water for the night. :-D Go me.

I got up this am- and farted around for an hour then forced myself to go to the gym. I had to be showered and out the door by 340 so I had to be finished my workout by 245.

Today I ran at a faster pace for my whole run.

The first 1.5 miles wasn't bad - but the 2nd mile I had to jump off for 30 seconds and catch my breath because I was dying and I still had 5 mins left. But I made it. Soaking with sweat and super tired I made it.

I also think I have talked 2 people into running the race with me in Oct. I hope so at least. Monday is sign up. EEK.



1- I haven't eaten much today - but what I have has been healthy - I think Matt and I are going out tonight so hopefully I can keep it that way.

2-  no alcohol. duh.

3- no eating after 9... Seeing as it is 715 and I am babysitting until 830 and I still haven't had dinner I may be eating dinner a little after 9 but I will try to keep it decent and light.

4- I ran today. :-D

5- no soda

6- starting my 3rd nalgene now

7- I got like 8.5 to 9 hours of sleep last night and hope to do the same tonight. I know you shouldn't catch up on your sleep on the weekends, but that is what I do.


Tomorrow is a longer run...1.75 miles then 1 mile. I am going to back down to Thursday's pace for Sunday and Tuesday, then on thursday bump it back up to todays pace - I think, if I feel good then I will kick butt and go all out :-D


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