Sunday, November 8, 2009


Week 4.

I got up this am - and I expected that we were going to leave soon for the mall so I didn't run in the am. I wish I had - we ended up not leaving til 2... by the time we got home I was tired and hungry.

I had a HUGE fight with myself tonight. I was hungry and whined the whole way back from the mall 25 mins. We decided that it was too late to go home and thaw out chicken or beef- so Matt was going to have Wendy's and I was going to Subway - but I didn't want subway. I wanted a spicy chicken sandwich and to be honest- fries like no other. I knew that if Matt went to Wendy's there was NO WAY I was going to Subway. So I suggested we just go to the store and get raw meat so we can just cook it and be healthier. So we did! YAY I survived.

I also bought some motivation today (actually Matt did) In the form of 3 tanks from American Eagle. They were super cheap. So 1 was 6 bucks - I got it in a Large because I am pretty sure that will fit next summer. Then I got 2 shirts that were 3 bucks. In a Med. If they don't fit I will give them away, but I am pretty sure I will work it out and get in them. I hope


in a large - pretty
my fav in a med

ok so today and the rules

1- fine - had a small lunch and rotisserie chicken for dinner

2- no alcohol

3- no eating after 9

4- I ran- today I upped the miles. I ran 1.5 miles walked 5 mins then ran 1 mile and walked a 7 min cool off. I decided to be super smart and not only up the miles on the 2nd run but up the speed. Cuz thats a great idea. right? RIGHT.. OY But as aubrey put it i was "thinking JM style! my body will change and adapt to the pain!" Oh ok... or I am just an idiot.

5-no soda - even though matt was reallly mean and bought a cherry coke for the drive home - I wanted it too! HUMPH!

6- 3 nalgenes

7 - I got a ton of sleep last night- I slept like a rock. :-D I am about to go to shower and bed now. Tomorrow is my friday so I will get off work at 12-1ish and I can nap if I want - but I have things to do so I am going to try to just go to bed early.

Sign up for that race is a week from Monday... oy. I have some doubts. But I REALLY want to do it.

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