Monday, November 23, 2009


Man I almost thought today's run wasn't going to happen either. Matt had an appointment in Silver Spring at 4:30 - great time to be on the beltway. We went to the apt then hung out with my grandparents while traffic chilled out. We got home at like 8:40, and I had to really talk myself into running - but I knew if I didn't then I would get really behind and I didn't want to start that habit.

Today was not too bad.

I ate decent - had a pb sandwich for lunch, and some graham crackers, and granddaddy made hamburgers for dinner.
I didn't have alcohol
I haven't eaten after 9
I ran 2 miles, walked 5 mins and ran another mile. It sucked a little but I did it!
No sodas today
Had 2.5 nalgenes
7 slept ok, going to bed soon for about 6.5 hours. sigh.

Tomorrow I have to run again and get back on track. I am doing Jillian Michaels on Wed and then changing my rest day to Thurs because I am pretty sure my fat happy self isn't going to get up and run 3 miles after Thanksgiving dinner. Nope not happening! :-D Hope your Thanksgiving rocks!

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